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5 Reasons you should hire a Wedding Videographer for your big day.

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Many couples ask themselves, "Do I really need a videographer for my day?“ Well, I am here to help those couples answer this question. It should come to no surprise that there are a number of aspects to take into account when looking for a videographer. How much do they cost? What is their style? Do they have experience? Is it really WORTH it? How often am I going to watch the video? Lets digest all these questions, and really get down to why you

SHOULD hire a videographer for your big day.


1. Your wedding videographer will capture not only video, but audio as well.

As the title suggests, the great thing about video is it is not a single picture. Its anywhere from 24-120 pictures per second. You are able to relive your entire first dance with your partner. See your parents joy while sharing your Father/Daughter/Mother/Son dance. If your wedding videographer also includes audio coverage, then how amazing would it be to see and hear your best man/maid of honor giving that amazing speech, telling embarrassing stories of when you were all young? That is something that a photographer alone just cannot capture. Sure, they can grab the "in the moment" photo, but its much more intimate to be able to see and hear it all, as it happened.


2. A Generational Gift.

I don't think I can stress this enough. These are memories that you are having captured. You are going to be able to show your children the day you got married. The look on grandpas face walking mom down the aisle. Loved ones who may no longer be around are shown in their happiest moments, and captured in the best light. There's just something more intimate about watching your loved ones in a video, rather then seeing them only for a split second in time in a picture.


3. Wedding Trailers/Features help capture and Emulate the raw emotion of the day.

Lets all be real for a moment, the entire wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye. As the couple, you guys are running from point to point, photos over here, stand over there. The only real time you'll be able to enjoy the day is after you've said your vows, and its onto the reception. The wedding videographers sole job is to capture everything in its entirety. Assuming you've seen the work that they do, they are going to be able to craft your video into your love story. You are going to be able to relive the day that you may not remember a whole lot of.


4. You can share it with everyone easily.

The great thing about technology today is that everything is so much more simple then it used to be. Most videographers deliver their projects on YouTube, Vimeo, VidFlow, Mediazilla, or a direct download. Did you have a few people who were unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances? Well, here's the video! Depending on if you get a highlight Trailer, or a Feature, they will be able to relive the day with you, and parts that maybe they wouldn't have seen! All the small, intimate details of the dress, rings, ties, etc.


5. It is forever!

Once you receive your wedding video, it is forever. Websites like Vimeo do not have a restriction on how long a video can remain up, and they also offer the function of downloading the file directly from the video. Pair that with receiving the final product through Google Drive or Dropbox, you will always have your wedding video to look back on.



While a Videographer may be an expense you didn't put to much of a thought into, one regret when talking to dozens of couples is that they passed on the opportunity to capture their wedding on video. Weddings typically only happen once in a life time, and the last thing you want to do is regret spending more on the flowers, and not budgeting in someone to capture arguably one of the biggest days of your life.

"Everyone always told me before getting married to enjoy the moments because it goes by “way too fast,” and I thought, there’s no way that can be the case. Let me tell you: it’s the absolute truth. Getting a videographer to document the moments that happened in-between the tent-pole moments was one of the best decisions we could have made. Now, I have a permanent memory of the laughs with my groomsmen that calmed me before walking the aisle, the moments that made it match all the complements I got afterwards, and most importantly, the little things that made getting married the easiest decision I’ve ever made in the first place. When you look back on your day – sure you might remember the guest list, the sounds of the playlist, the taste of the food – but with a videographer, there’s unforgettable, irrefutable proof THIS was the best day of your life. So, even if you “blinked and missed it,” all the work that went into the day is at a 360 degree glance, 365 days a year if you so wish, and serves as a permanent, physical reminder that it was all worth it." -Frankie Morales, Groom of 2021

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